Arunachal Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check out the Arunachal Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

Archery is a popular sport in northern India. People used to bet on traditional archery competitions. After observing the coverage, and people turning out, the Arunachal state legalized the betting.

Arunachal teer result works on a general lottery system. People buy tickets and then submit a number with the organizing authorities. If their submitted matches the final result of the archery game, they become winners and get prize money.

The game runs from Monday to Sunday throughout the week but remains closed on public holidays. Interested participants can easily find Arunachal Teer result counters throughout the state and get themselves registered for the game.

We have covered all necessary details, making it easy for you to understand and participate in the Arunachal Teer result today. So let us start our discussion.

Arunachal Teer Result

How to participate in the Arunachal Teer result?

The Arunachal Teer result is open for all lotteries. However, only adults can take part in betting. Minorities are not allowed as advised by state law.

Interested participants go to the nearest authorized Teer counter to buy tickets. Each ticket costs between INR 10 to INR 100 (varies from time to time). The times for ticket sales are 10:00 till 3:00 pm.

Each ticket lets the buyer guess the winning number in a two-digit format.

Who are eligible to participate in the Arunachal teer result?

Since it is a state-owned lottery program, thus all individuals can easily participate by proving their identity. Participants can purchase tickets as per their wishes.

According to government records, adults who are eighteen years and above can become part of this exciting event.

Who won the Arunachal teer result today?

Participants submit their numbers in two-digit format, for instance, 87. Then the main event gets underway, which completes in two rounds.

Results for each round are counted and displayed to the public. If your number matches the final result, you are the winner, which is as simple as that.

So, it is a simple number game. To win, you have to guess the right number.

How is the final Arunachal Teer result gathered?

Once the archers complete their shooting, the organizers check for successful hits. The round’s final result is the final two digits of the perfect hits.

For instance, the total number of hits for the first round was 1154, and the subsequent result was 54. It is always issued in two-digit format, and the jury’s decision is final in all circumstances.

Arunachal Teer results today gameplay

The gameplay of the Arunachal is very simple. Fifty professional archers hit 30 arrows each by standing 50m from the target.

The archers are selected from a network of professional clubs. They sat in a round position around the target and shot when the ticket sale was closed in the afternoon.

First-round starts at 3:30 pm and concludes by 5:00 pm. While second-round start at 5:30 and concludes by 7:00 pm. The timings keep on changing depending on the weather.

After each round, results are compiled by authorized persons.

How is the Arunachal Teer result today announced?

Results are available both online and offline. After the jury concludes its results, they display them on the notice board on the ground.

Similarly, these numbers are easily accessible online as well. In addition, the Arunachal teer result is also provided to all the authorized dealers and counters across the state.

How to choose the best common number for Arunachal teer result?

Most of the time, the bet is termed as a pure case of luck. However, things have evolved, and people nowadays have developed ways and means of finding the right common, hit, home numbers.

Experts are associated with the process that develops formulas to guess the number for a particular round, which works in many instances.

Another exciting thing is that some people predict the number based on their dreams. For instance, if they dream about a man, they predict the number is 06 and 05 for seeing a woman. Similarly, upon seeing a quarrel, they relate it to the number 13, while for an exotic dream, the guess is 17.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a refund if I do not win the lottery?

No, you cannot get a refund for losing cause of the Arunachal teer result.

What is the prize money of the Arunachal teer result?

The prize money varies from time to time, but most recently, it ranges between INR 8,000/- to INR 10,000/-

Can I participate in the Arunachal teer result from abroad?

Unfortunately, the game only allows residents to purchase tickets and place their bets.

Is the Arunachal teer result legal?

Yes, the game is legal, and all earnings are backed by local law.


The Arunachal teer result today is a popular and addictive archery game. Thousands of people participate daily, and the game is legal.

We tip you to bet responsibly, as it may cause you to lose all your money.

We have placed all necessary information about the Arunachal teer result in our article. We hope you now know the game to its fullest. Do drop by again for the latest update about the Arunachal teer result today.