Assam Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check out the Assam Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

Archery gained popularity in the Assam state in the early 80s. Initially, when people started betting on the game, it was banned by the government. But after realizing the popularity, the government passed an act to provide full support.

The legality made the game even more popular. With thousands of flowers, the Assam teer result is one of the most loved games in the state.

The Assam teer result today operates on a lottery case system. You have to guess a number in a two-digit format. If you guessed the final result correctly, you are the winner.

Our article has discussed all the necessary information regarding the teer result Assam. So stick around and go through below for in-depth information.

Assam Teer Result

Participating in the Assam Khanapara teer result

If you are a resident, then you must already know all about how to participate; however, for newbies, all you need is to visit an authorized ticket seller counter. Buy a ticket, bet your money on a number, and get yourself registered.

The Assam Shillong teer result counters remain from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM till 3 PM. You can quickly locate these counters, as there are hundreds of these throughout the state.

The ticket costs only around INR 300/- to INR 500/-. With each ticket, you can bet more, thus making it possible to win more.

Who are eligible to play the Assam Meghalaya teer result?

All individuals who have gained the age of eighteen or above can participate and bet for the prize money.

The Assam teer result com is fully sponsored by the local government; thus, you can gamble without any risk of legal proceedings.

Who are the winners of the Assam teer khela result?

Those participants who predict the outcome correctly are the winners of the Assam teer result Khanapara.

Participants guess a number, say 78. Remember that the numbers are always in two-digit format. The number is saved and later checked with the final result of the archery game.

If both are the same, then the respective participant is the winner. There is the possibility of more than one winner in a round.

As far as a result is concerned, all the archers sit around the target and hit the arrows when time starts. At the end of the shooting, successful hits become the final result for the round. For instance, if the total number of hits turns out as 1335, then the result is 35.

All the participants correctly predicted the result as 35 were the winners.

The numbers always range from 0 to 99.

How is the final Assam teer result Assam teer result gathered?

Once the play starts, archers start hitting the target. Upon completion of hits, a team of organizers counts the hits.

The final result is the last two digits of the success. For example, the total hits for a round are 751; the result is 51, and so on.

Khanapara Assam teer result gameplay

The gameplay of the teer result Assam today is straightforward. Fifty archers with 30 arrows hit a target by sitting at a distance of 50m.

The main polo ground hosts the game. There are two main rounds, the first round, and the second round. Participation and results for both rounds are different.

First-round starts at 3:30 PM, while the second round starts at 4:30 PM. Results become available thirty minutes after the shooting.

Result announcement of the Khanapara teer result Assam

Results of both rounds get displayed at the playground where the main event takes place. Secondly, the results are available online on multiple sites as well.

Results are the most awaited happening on the entire event. People’s luck depends on the result. So they eagerly wait for its announcement.

The lucky people who guess the correct outcome must visit the nearest counter to claim their prize money.

Assam teer number result common number

There are many theories behind predicting the common or hit number. However, many attribute it to luck, but some experts closely monitor the game each day and the device formula. So, it is not pure luck but a particular case of study.

The Assam teer previous result also plays a vital role in predicting the new number.
Similarly, few hit numbers are dream-based. There is a ritual of dreaming about the common number. It is exciting and mentioned below:

● In case the dreamer sees a woman, the number is 05.
● If he sees a man, the number is 06.
● A quarrel between a man and woman is number 13.
● An erotic dream marks the number 17.

Frequently asked question

What is the prize money of the Assam Meghalaya teer result today?

For every rupee, the winner gets Rs. 80. For instance, if you bet two rupees, you get Rs. 160 if you are a winner.

How to claim my winning prize?

You can claim the prize money of the Assam teer old result from their authorized counters available throughout the Assam state.

Can I make multiple bets in the same round of the Assam teer result target?

Yes, you can make more than one bet. Your betting quantity depends on the number of tickets you purchase for a particular round.

Can I view the results online?

Yes, there are a large number of websites that publish results of the Assam teer result today Khanapara teer result. You can easily find current and previous results online.


The Assam tee result is a trendy sporting event among the locals. The game is simple but addictive. You can participate and win handsome money through betting—the betting on archery legal in the Assam state.

We have mentioned the necessary information about the Assam ka teer result. We hope you enjoyed learning about the game.