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Here you can check the latest Bhutan Teer Counter Result daily in Morning at 10:40 AM and 11:30 AM and at Night at 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.

Bhutan Teer Result Today


Bhutan Teer Common Numbers


Bhutan Teer is now the most popular lottery game these days which is most famous in Bhutan. In Bhutan, people are winning a big prize for predicting the exact number of Teers on the archery by players.

Bhutan teer is a popular archery game played in the Himalayan state of Bhutan. People participate in teer competition by making bets on the final result.

The game is played daily from Monday through to Sunday. Unlike a few banned games, interested participants can quickly put their money on the Bhutan teer result list.

The game is played on a lottery basis, where participants buy tickets from designated counters. Then, they submit their guess and wait for archers to make their mark. Upon completion of archery, the organizing committee counts the total number of hits and eventually issues daily Bhutan teer previous results.

The Bhutan teer khela result is backed by the local state-owned authorities, thus making betting legal. The committee selects archers based on their skill levels.

Today, we will discuss the full details of the event, including the Bhutan royal teer result.

How to participate in the Bhutan tempo teer result?

Unlike other teer games, Bhutan teer allows individuals from any state to try their luck and participate in the exciting game. So, adult individuals can participate in the event by buying a ticket or watching live archery.

There are hundreds of authorized Bhutan teer result counters throughout the state from where you can buy a ticket. The price of a ticket varies from time to time. Tickets are available from 10:00 am till 3:30 pm for Bhutan teer result morning and Bhutan teer result night.

The archery game begins once ticket counters are closed for the day. Additionally, to increase the chances of winning, participants purchase multiple tickets.

Who can participate in Teer Bhutan Result?

Although people from around the world may wish to participate in this game, controlling authority only allows citizens of Bhutan to join the Bhutan teer result.

So, to participate, you are required to get local citizenship. I am just kidding! If you can participate through your friends living in the local area.

How are the winners of the Bhutan Teer Result decided?

Today, participants of the Bhutan morning teer result must guess a number between 0 and 99. Archers take the mark and hit the target in two rounds. Results for each round are issued separately.

Bhutan teer result list is published by the organizers in two-digit format. Today, the last two digits of the successful hits become the Bhutan teer result.

For instance, the total number of hits on a particular round is 853. The last two digits, 53, become the final teer result. All participants who submitted 53 as their bet are declared winners.

The Bhutan teer result morning and Bhutan teer result are published online on the websites and displayed at the ground where archery games occur.

The Bhutan Teer Gameplay

The Bhutan teer event has two rounds, the first and second rounds. Skilled archers from different clubs participate daily to hit the target. The total number of arrows with each archer is between 30 to 50.

In each round, archers have to fire between 300 to 1000 arrows.

Shooting starts daily at 3:00 pm and stops around 5:00 pm. After which, arrows are counted, and the result is compiled.

The last phase is the publication of the Bhutan teer daily result. Bhutan teer previous results are also available upon request on the site. Furthermore, multiple websites publish daily teer results.

Announcement of the Teer Bhutan Result

All the participants can easily check the results of both rounds at 3:45 pm and 5:00 pm from the archery ground. Bhutan teer result morning they also become available on web portals.

Similarly, Bhutan’s previous teer results are also available for the general public, helping them apply mathematics to make an educated guess. The previous result quickly determines common and favorite numbers for the next day.

If you guessed the result and won the lottery, you must visit the nearest counter to claim your prize money. Since it is legal in the state, you easily receive your prize money.

The price varies from time to time; most recently, a person won up to 76lacs in the Bhutan tempo teer result.

How do participants choose the common number?

There is not a single rule of thumb for hitting the correct number. Participants use many tricks, but at the end of the day, it is luck that matters the most. Enthusiast participants have developed formulas based on historical data to predict the correct number. They do their math to come out with the number.

Few individuals use the Bhutan teer result list to make their guess trustworthy. Similarly, with increased popularity, experts monitor the game and provide their services in helping participants make an educated guess instead of a wild one.

One very interesting local-based guessing works based on dreams. People dream at night and make guesses based on what they see. It may sound superstitious, but it works for many people.

For your curiosity, the dreaming results work as below:

● If the dream is erotic, then the result is 17.
● If a woman appears in the dream, the number is 05.
● For a man, the number is 06.
● If you dream of a quarrel, then the number is 13.

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to participate in the Bhutan teer result?

Yes, as the Thimphu Bhutan teer result is authorized by local laws, it is legal to participate and bet on the Bhutan teer khela result.

What is the range of numbers to choose for the teer Bhutan result?

As a result, it is announced in two-digit format, and the interested participants submit their guesses by submitting numbers ranging from 0 to 99.

How can I check the Bhutan teer result today?

You can quickly check the Bhutan teer result today and previously online; it is also available on the counters. Additionally, you can also check the results from the archery playground.


The Bhutan teer is an addictive game, and many people search online for Bhutan teer result Bhutan teer results. Although it is legal to bet, the organizers advise participants to bet responsibly.
With few other games banned in the region, the popularity of the Bhutan teer result has increased enormously. More people are taking part in the game.

Our team hopes you have received all the information you need to participate in the Bhutan teer result. Wishing you all the luck with your first bet, keep visiting our website for the daily Bhutan teer result list.

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