Juwai Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check out the Juwai Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

Juwai teer result is a popular archery game played in the Indian state. The game has a large local fan following, as they can legally bet on the daily results to earn money.

The teer Juwai result is played on all working days from Monday to Saturday; Sundays are off days. So, all participants can easily become part of the event on their desired day.

The whole game is based on a lottery scheme system, whereby interested people buy a ticket to guess the result. If the result matches their predicted number, they are declared winners and can earn handsome money.

The Meghalaya state backs the lottery and has passed a law to support its popularity. A group of professional archers takes part in the shooting. The organizing committee selects these archers based on their skill set.

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Juwai Teer Result

Participating in the Juwai teer result today

All the individuals and citizens of India can participate in the daily event. Unlike other teer games, local Juwai teer result allows participation for all individuals. It is one of the biggest lottery games in the state.

To ensure participation, you must buy lottery tickets from hundreds of designated Juwai teer counters. The price for each ticket fluctuates between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500/-. The special counters open at 9 in the morning and distribute tickets until 3 pm.

One tip is to buy more tickets to increase your chances of winning the prize. However, since there is no refund for bought tickets, gamble responsibly.

Eligibility criteria for participation in Khanapara Shillong Juwai teer result

There is no restriction on participation. So, anyone can easily become part of the lottery and try luck with the Juwai teer result number.

However, minors are not allowed to bet, thus making it an event only for adults.

The winner of the Juwai teer khela result

For each ticket bought, participants guess the final result of a particular result. The number is always two-digit and ranges only from 0 to 99.

After the numbers are submitted, the archers are advised to fire their arrows on the board. At the end of the shooting, the organizers check for targeted hits, count them, and publish the final results.

The Juwai teer result is in two-digit format. Say, for instance, the total number of hits on the board for Juwai teer result morning is 1204, and the result is 02 for the round. In short, the final result is the last two digits of the successful hit.

The results are first announced at the Polo ground Juwai, where the main event runs. Subsequently, these results become available online at all the Juwai teer result counters.

Juwai latumbai teer result gameplay

The gameplay is simple; there are two rounds and two sessions. The Juwai teer morning result and Juwai afternoon teer result.

A total of 50 professional archers shoot 30 arrows each at the target at a distance of 50 meters.

The main shooting event starts at 3:00 pm after the Juwai teer result counters are closed.

Compilation of the result is the final phase. The organizers count all the hits and issue results based on their findings.

Announcement of the Juwai Shillong teer result

All the people eagerly wait for the Juwai teer result list. The results are generally available for the first and second rounds at 4 pm and 5 pm. Participants can quickly look out for the results.

Furthermore, the Juwai teer previous result is also available for interested partakers. It helps them make an educated guess of the final result rather than a wild one.

The lucky persons whose guess matches the final result are declared winners. They can easily claim their prize money by visiting any nearest Juwai teer counter.

The prize money for the Juwai teer result number is between Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 11,000/-.

How do participants choose the common number?

Most of the winners attribute their wins to luck. Although, in most cases, it plays a vital role. But there are many other ways to predict a particular round’s outcome. Regular participants have developed multiple methods to base their guesses on formulas. They combine their luck with their knowledge to make the right choice.
Similarly, some experts have studied the Juwai teer result and designed strategies to analyze and predict future numbers. Participants seek their help while making a bet. The common and hit numbers are available online as well.

One of the exciting aspects of local participants is that they dream and then make their choice. It is a traditional method of making a choice.

The dream thing works as mentioned below:

● If the dreamer sees a woman, the number is 05.
● If the number 06, if he dreams about a man.
● If you dream about a man and woman quarreling, the suggested number is 13.
● In the case of an erotic dream, the number is 17.

Frequently asked questions

What is Juwai teer result prize money?

The prize money varies and usually ranges between Rs. 8,000/- to 11,000/-. Before buying the ticket, you can check for the exact amount from the Juwai teer counter.

How to check Huwai Shillong Khanapara teer result?

The result is available both online and offline. Therefore, making it easy for all the participants to check their results.

Is Juwai’s morning teer result playable online?

No, the game is not played online. The game is played offline, physically on the polo ground of the Meghalaya state.

Can I play the Juwai teer result game on Sunday?

No, the game is not played on Sunday. However, you can participate on all other days from Monday until Saturday.


Kuwait teer result is an interesting and a popular sport. The game is legally certified for all archery enthusiasts. In addition, you can make some money while enjoying the game.

We have covered all the basic to advanced information about the Juwai afternoon teer result and Juwai morning teer result.

So, we hope you hit the jackpot by correctly guessing the Juwai teer result. Good luck with your play, and keep visiting us for the latest and daily Juwai teer result.