Manipur Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check out the Manipur Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

Manipur teer result is an exciting and traditional archery game. The roots of the game date back to the early 80s, when a group of local archery clubs started playing this game. With time, many new individuals start competing.

With the increased fan following, betting got started. Initially, the government was against betting on the archery game. However, with increased popularity, the local government t decided to legalize the event.

Since then, it is now a legal event where many people engage in making it a mega event.

We will provide you with the necessary information to know the Manipur Teer result today. So let’s start with our main topic.

Manipur Teer Result

Procedure to participate in the Manipur teer result

All you need to become part of the event is to buy yourself a ticket. You become authorized to make an official bet when you buy a ticket.

There are more than 500 Manipur teer result ticket selling counters throughout the state. Just visit any one of these counters. However, stay vigilant from unauthorized dealers, which may charge you more than the actual price of the ticket.

Each ticket costs you around Rs. 350/- to Rs.500/-. The ticket-selling counters start operating at 10 AM and close at 3 PM. During which they work non-stop.

Eligibility criteria for participation in the Northeast teer result today

A few years back, only a few people were allowed to participate in the main event. But now, all residents with the Manipur state identity card can become part of the Manipur teer result.

However, only adults are allowed. Minor cannot bet or participate in any capacity.

Similarly, interested participants from other states can become part of the archery game through their local friends.

The winners of the Manipur teer result today

Winning the Manipur teer result lottery is an easy task. You have to guess the result of rounds correctly. If you correctly guess the result of the round for which you are registered, you are the winner.

The guess is submitted in a two-digit format like 45, 91, etc. the winners are then advised to visit the nearby official counter to claim their prize money.

How is the Manipur teer result today gathered?

The local administration manages the whole event. They are responsible for checking, counting, and issuing the final result.

Once the archery is completed in a round, they gather the evidence, count the successful hits, and then accumulate and issue the result of the particular round.

The result is non-challengeable. Once issued, it is complete and final.

The Manipur teer result today gameplay

Since it is a traditional archery game, it is reasonably simple to understand. Only local rules apply, and no international rules or regulations are applied at the event.

There are two main rounds of play, the first round (FR) and the second round (SR). Both rounds are played separately, at different times. The first round usually starts at 3 PM, while the second one gets underway at 5 PM.

A total of fifty archers with thirty arrows each hit the target. The distance between the shooters and the target is 50 meters. They sit down facing the target board and start shooting when the bell rings.

It takes around ten to fifteen minutes to complete shooting. Afterward, the counting for successful hits is counted, and the result for the round is announced.

The Manipur teer result today Announcement

People are always looking out for the results, especially those who have placed bets.

Once the result is ready, first of all, it is displayed at the gate of the ground where the main event takes place.

Simultaneously, the result gets disseminated to all the authorized ticket selling counters and dealers.

Thirdly, the result is published on the official Manipur teer result website. Similarly, many other websites also issue the result.

In short, you can quickly grab the result from multiple sources, either by visiting the counters or online from the ease of your home.

Northeast teer result today common number

The common numbers of the Manipur teer result is an art and science simultaneously.

While most interestingly, it is superstitious as well. You get astonished when you hear that there are people who dream about the next day’s common number. The most surprising part is that it works for many people.

The dream part works as below:

● If the dreamer sees a man in his dream, the resultant number is 06.
● In the case of seeing a woman, the winning number is 05.
● If he sees an erotic dream, the number is 17.
● In the case of a man and woman quarreling, the number is 13.

Luck is one of the significant factors in deciding a winner or loser. However, many people do not just put it on luck but try to make an educated guess. Based on historical results, they derive patterns. In addition, they follow the archers closely and guess each archer hit number.

In addition to dreaming and patterns, many people have developed mathematical formulas to predict numbers. So, they are not making just the wild guesses but work their way to hit the jackpot and win handsome money.

Frequently asked question

Can I play Manipur teer result online?

No, the game is not available online. You can only play offline by physically showing up at a Manipur teer result counter and buying yourself a ticket.

Is the Manipur teer result a lottery-based game?

Yes, the game works on a lottery system. You purchase a ticket and make a bet about the final result of the archery. If your guessed number is correct, you become the winner.

What is a two-digit result of the Manipur teer result?

The last two digits of the successful hits become the result. For example, if the total number of successful hits is 1099, then the result is 99. Similarly, if the hits count is 751, the result is 51.


The Manipur teer result is an addictive game. Many people work as full-time partners with the main event. The winners are ecstatic, while losers intend to work out their luck in the next round.

The game is fun. It keeps people engaged and focused. You can easily participate and enjoy yourself; if you win it, you are fortunate.

We hope the article was informative enough to give you complete information about the Manipur teer result today.