Meghalaya Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check Meghalaya Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

Teer means arrow in the local Indian state, and Meghalaya teer is a traditional archery game. The game got popular in the late 70s. Initially, the purpose of the game was just entertainment. But as the popularity increased, people started betting on the results.

After checking the popularity, the Meghalaya state department decided to legally allow betting on the game. Nowadays, millions of rupees are traded daily.

Shillong teer result Meghalaya runs daily from Monday to Saturday. There are daily two rounds, with each round having its result. The game works on the principle of a conventional lottery system. Whereby interested participants purchase tickets to register themselves. Afterward, they must guess the final result and receive money if they guess it right.

The entire event of Meghalaya teer result today is under the jurisdiction of the state and has legal backing.
This article will discuss all the nitty-gritty of the Meghalaya Shillong teer result. So let’s get started.

Meghalaya Teer Result

Procedure to participate in the Assam Meghalaya Teer Result

All the interested individuals can participate in the teer game. You are required to visit the designated counters which sell tickets. They are readily available throughout the state and sum up to a total of 500 and more.

One thing to notice is that you cannot participate online. So, your physical presence is mandatory to become part of the Meghalaya Shillong teer result today.

As far as the ticket price is concerned, it varies from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500/-. Ticket selling counters open from 9 in the morning and keep selling till 3 in the afternoon.

One important tip is that you can buy more than one ticket. Thus, the higher the number of tickets, the greater the chances of winning the lottery.

Who are eligible to play the Meghalaya teer number result?

All those individuals who are residents of the Meghalaya state can become part of the Meghalaya teer khela result.

However, only adults are allowed, and minors are restricted from participating in the event.

Who are the winners of the teer result Shillong Meghalaya?

All those participants who guess the correct result becomes the winners. It predicts the correct number in a two-digit format and ranges between 0 and 99.

When you buy a ticket, it authorizes you to submit your guess in the form of a number. After ticket counters close, the archers start shooting. After shooting, the organizing committee counts the successful shoots and announces the result.

The final score of the Shillong Meghalaya teer result is always in two-digit format. For example, the total number of successful hits in a particular round is 1294, and the result is 94. Likewise, if the total number of hits turns out to be 799, the result is 99.

Winners of the Meghalaya teer result Shillong are then required to visit the ticket selling counters to claim their prize money.

How is the Assam Meghalaya teer result today gathered?

Upon the archery event’s completion, the organizing committee members count the successful hits for the round.

After the counting completes, the final result is compiled and published in two-digit format only. Participants then can check whether the luck was on their side or not.

Meghalaya teer number result today gameplay.

The game is straightforward. Fifty archers with 30 arrows each shoot at a common target. It almost takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to complete the shooting phase. The distance between the shooters and the target is 50m.

Meghalaya teer result has two rounds, first and second rounds. First-round starts at 3:30 PM, while the second concludes by 5:00 PM.

The archers are part of the clubs registered with the organizing association.

After the completion of the shooting, result issuance is the final phase. A team of organizers gathers evidence of successful hits and publishes the results.

Result announcement of today teer result Meghalaya

Firstly, the results for both rounds are available at the playing ground where shooting takes place. Secondly, these results get published by Meghalaya teer result official website and many other sites.
Simultaneously, you can also check results from the authorized dealers and ticket selling counters.

The Meghalaya teer result list is readily available to related stakeholders. So, do not trust word of mouth. Instead, get it checked from official resources.

The lucky persons are then advised to visit teer counters to claim their prize money. Meghalaya teer result is the most awaited event of the whole happening. People wait eagerly for the results of both rounds.

Teer result Shillong Meghalaya India – the common number

Luck is one of the most factors in hitting the jackpot. However, people have developed many tips and tricks for predicting the common, hit, and home numbers over time.

Assam Meghalaya teer number results from the previous day serve as a base for predicting future results. Some experts help you predict the next day’s numbers.

Similarly, superstitious is also going hand in hand with betting. Many people help you identify the common number by dreaming. Yes, you read that right. It is a traditional concept where standard numbers depend on the dream.

Each dream has a different number. For instance:

● If the dreamer sees an erotic dream, the number is 17.
● In the case of a quarrel dream, the number is 13.
● If he sees a man in the dream, the number is 06.
● While seeing a woman means the number is 05.

Frequently asked questions

Is the result of the Meghalaya teer result challengeable?

No, the result announced by the organizing committee is complete and final; no one can challenge the final issued result.

Can I participate in the game from outside of India?

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the Meghalaya teer result from abroad. The physical presence of the participant is mandatory.

Can I view the results online?

Yes, you can quickly review all teer results online and offline. The Meghalaya teer result’s official website today and multiple other portals post updated results daily.


That concludes our detailed discussion about the Meghalaya teer result. We have tried to cover all aspects of the game. We hope you found our article entertaining and informative. Do visit again to get daily updates on the results of the teer games.