Shillong Teer Result Today List (Morning & Night)

Shillong Teer Result Today live list of morning, night and previous khanapara Shillong Teer Khela Results chart.

Shillong Teer is a daily archery competition organized in the Meghalaya state of India. Thousands of locals take part in it daily, with a wish to win the prize money. Locally it is also commonly known as Thoh Tim or Siat Khnam.

Shillong Teer Result Today

Morning Result

F/R (10:30 AM)S/R (11:30 AM)

Night Result

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Teer Shillong is a lottery game owned and managed by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association. A total of twelve clubs are members of the association and take part in the competition daily. No game is held on Sunday, as it is an off day. We will discuss the overall gameplay, who can play it, how much the prize money is, and all related points of interest for the teer enthusiasts.

Shillong Teer Result

How to participate in Shillong Teer?

Shillong teer is a legal number game. The principle of betting and gambling applies to this game. Interested participants need to buy tickets from Teer betting counters located at multiple locations in the Meghalaya state.

Tickets are available daily between10:00am to 3:30 pm, except Sunday. There are more than 5000 teer counters across the state selling the tickets.

The price of a single ticket is around INR 300.

Who can participate in Shillong Teer Result?

Since the Meghalaya state manages it, only the state residents are eligible to participate in teer betting.

However, only adults who are 18+ can participate. It is legal to bet on the Shillong teer.

Who are the winners of the Shillong teer?

The participants have to make an educated guess about the total number of arrows that will hit the Shillong teer target. They bet by providing the last two digits of the successful hits.

The final today Shillong Teer Result is the last two digits of the total number of arrows hitting the target.

For instance, if a person submits his guess as to the number 62, and the total number of perfect hits is 62, he is declared the winner. Similarly, if the total hit teer counter is 162, you have again deemed the winner. The association issue results in a two-digit format. The last two digits of the total archery hits become the final teer result.

The Shillong Teer Gameplay

There are two rounds in the game. In the first round, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows, while 20 arrows are shot each day in the second round. The Shillong teer target lies at a distance of 50 meters.

Shillong teer list is displayed every day when the archery starts, while the ticket selling counters are closed simultaneously. Each archer takes around 2 minutes to complete their hit.

Multiple players from different clubs take part daily. The final teer result depends on the skill level of the players involved.

Morning teer result is then displayed on the board for participants to check whether they won or lost.

How Shillong Teer Result is announced?

The Teer results for both rounds are announced daily in the morning at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM and at night at 4:25 PM and 5:10 PM. You can easily check the results online, and if your guess matches the Teer result, you are declared the winner.

Results are also available at the archery site, which takes place at the state’s polo ground. Due to a lack of internet connectivity, results’ online publishing usually gets delayed. However, multiple websites issue Shillong teer result lists when they become available.

You can visit the Shillong teer counter to claim your prize money if you are the winner.

The winner gets INR 8,000.00 and a bonus prize from the state.

How do participants choose the number?

Teer result today depends on luck. People make their choices based on their guesses. It is completely a random process, and this is what makes real interesting.

There are different number guessing mantras. Participants chose and applied mathematical formulas. Others use online tools to make their guess authentic. However, the most interesting feature is that some people dream and bet the number based on their dreams.

The dreaming part works as mentioned below:

  • You put number 06 if you dream about a man.
  • If you see women, the number is 05.
  • If you dream about a man and woman quarreling, then the number is 13.
  • If it is an erotic dream, the number is 17.

It may seem superstitious, but it works for many people.

How do you judge Shillong teer number?

Multiple sites help you have updates regarding Shillong teer result today, common number, previous numbers, ending, house, hit number, night, etc.

Keep checking this space for khanapara Shillong teer results and the latest teer results updates.