Tura Teer Result Today Live List (Morning and Night)

Check the Tura Teer result Today live list of morning, night and previous results chart.

The term teer means arrow in Hindi. Many teer games have gained popularity in certain states of India. All these are lottery games, whereby people buy a ticket to become part of the game. In addition to ticket purchases, they are also required to bet amounts on the outcome of the shoot.

Ticket sales and main events take place at designated times and places. With increased popularity, many states have already legalized the Tuta teer result.

The Tura archery game is played all weekdays except Sunday. Residents actively participate daily, making it one of the most significant sporting events in the vicinity.

Tura teer result is legal in the state. So, all interested participants can easily participate and win exciting, handsome amounts of money.

The article covers all the information about the event, so go through it to get yourself enlightened about the Tura teer result today.

Tura Teer Result

Procedure to participate in the Tura teer result

The procedure is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is to visit your nearest Tura teer result counter and get yourself registered by purchasing a ticket. After buying the ticket, you become illegible to put your bet on the outcome of the archery.

The average price of the ticket is around Rs. 300/- to Rs. 500/-. You can buy more than one ticket at a time as well. At the same time, each ticket lets you guess a number for betting purposes.

You can visit teer counters between 9:00 AM till 2:30 PM. Your registration is one round only. However, we tip you not to bet all your money, as there is no refund option in case you lose.

Eligibility criteria for participation in the Tura teer result today

All citizens of the local area living in the Tura region are allowed to participate in the event. However, only adults are eligible as it is a very addictive game.

Minors and non-residents are not allowed.

Who and how are the winners of the Tura teer result decided?

Winners are those participants who guess the outcome of the teer game correctly. Partakers guess a number between 0 to 99.

The first round starts after all the numbers are submitted at the respective ticket-selling counters. Archers from different clubs gather and start shooting the target. It takes around thirty minutes to complete the shooting.

A team of organizers then count the successful hits and publish the result in a two-digit format.

The result is the last two digits of the successful target hits. For example, if total hits accumulate to 1074, then the result of the round is 74. Similarly, if the total hits are 980, the result is 80.

Upon declaration of the result, people who guessed the result right are the winners. The result is initially displayed at the playing ground, where the shooting occurs, then published online and at the designated Tura teer result counters statewide.

How is the Tura teer result today gathered?

A group of professional archers shoot a target; once completed, the members of the organizers count the hits and issue the final result.

The issued result is complete and final and not challengeable.

Tura teer result today gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple. Fifty archers are provided with 30 arrows each. They must hit the target from a distance of 50m by sitting around it.

There are two rounds each day. With different participants for each round.

The first round starts at 3:00 PM, while the second round commences at 4:30 PM.

The playground is open for the public to enjoy the shooting and try their luck at winning handsome prize money.

Compilation of results takes place at the end, and subsequently, results are released.

Tura teer result today Announcement

People eagerly wait for daily teer results. They keep their fingers crossed, and the entire state is participating in the event.

Firstly, the results are available at the archery ground. Then in the second stage, these are published online on Tura teer result official website and many other sites.
Thirdly, the results are also available at authorized teer selling counters.

So, you can quickly check the result wherever you want and check whether you guessed the outcome correctly or not. You can grab your prize money from the counters if you hit the jackpot.

Tura teer result today common numbers

Luck is not the only factor that gets you to guess the correct number. There is a proper science behind guessing the result correctly.

A large population still believes that you only win if you are lucky. But people, over time, have changed their views. Some keen game followers have developed patterns and mathematical formulas to predict it or common numbers.

So, do not make a blind guess. You can get standard numbers from locals by paying a nominal fee. Experts of the game keep track of all the previous results to predict future results. It is not a bad idea, considering their guess rarely fails to match.

However, the most interesting guessing game is to dream about a number. There are people in the Tura game who dreams and then predict the number.

Below are a few common dreaming-number scenarios:

● If the dreamer sees a man, then the resultant number is 06.
● If it is a woman, the number is 05.
● In the case of an erotic dream, the result is 17.
● In case of a quarrel, the number becomes 13.

Frequently asked question

Is the Tura teer result legal?

Yes, the game is legal to bet. Local laws protect it, so you can legally participate in the game.

What is the prize money of the Tura teer result today?

For every one rupee of bet, you get eight rupees. So, if you bet two rupees, your prize is one hundred and sixty rupees, and so on.

Can I play the Tura teer result online?

No, the game is only available offline. You cannot play or participate online. However, you can check the results of both rounds online.


Tura teer result is one of the most followed archery games. With handsome prize money on the line, people actively take part. In addition, the legal betting support also adds value for the interested participants.

After reading our article, we hope you are now fully versed with the rules, regulations, and entire gameplay of the Tura teer result today.